Monday, 9 January 2012

From Dens To Lairs And Trees

When We Were Approaching The End Of Our Den Days, All Over Earth We Were Entering The Overlap Stage When We Left Four-Legged-Ism Behind And Entered The First Stages Of Bi-Pedal-Ism...(Drum Roll)

(The Fossa, Mtn. Lion, Mongoose, Buffalo Jumps, Inukshuks, Drawings On The Ground)

Places Around The Planet Where No Trees Grew We 
Merely Moved To Bigger Deeper Holes, Our Range Of 
Vision Restricted By Den/Lair Walls, We Grew Up With 
Blinders On, And Had To Move Our Heads To See Sideways...

  • But Our Quadra-Ped Ancestors Who Lived Near Trees 
  • Had Been Able To Stand Up Straighter And Taller Than 
  • Den/Lair/Cave Man On Account Of Reaching For Food 
  • Off Of Branches, Hoisting Our Children Up To Safety, 
  • Escaping Into The Forest Heights When Packs Of 
  • Predators Invaded Our Den Communities... Individual 
  • Carnivores That Attempted Invasion Were Destroyed...

The Difference Between Den-To-Cave Through The Lair Stage, And The Those 
Of Us Who Went Through The Tree Stage, Is Historically Obvious...

  • Lair-Brain Was Scared All Of the Time...
  • As Invaders Assailed A Lair Community, 
  • Survivors Would Flee Away From The 
  • Assault And Converge On the Central Lair,
  •  Then Turn, In Greater Numbers 
  • And Attempt To Fend Off The Invader
  • With A United Population, Safety In 
  • Numbers Accomodated Our Instinct 
  • To Form Communities, This Did Not 
  • Mean We Always Won, Lair-Brain 
  • Was Notoriously Malnourished 
  • Compared To Our Tree-Dwelling Brothers,
  • And His Method Of Fighting 
  • Required Little Thought, 
  • Vicious Blitz Attack, 
  • Extreme Energy, Kill Kill, Kill,  
  • Or Lose And Die Off 
  • Of The Back Of The Pack;

Lair-Brain Was Naturally Scared All Of The Time; 
Our Gestation Periods, As A Species, Were 
Getting Longer And Coupled With The 
Diminishing Sizes Of Our Litters/Broods, 
Until We Got To A Point Later On In Our 
Cave-Era, When More That Half Of Our Babies 
Were Still And We Were Losing Mothers 
At Birth...This Concerned Us Greatly, 
And Replenishing The Species 
Became Our Number One Priority;

  • Interesting That The Difficulties That Our Species Face Today 
  • Are On Account Of Endeavors Where Humanity Was Not 
  • And Still Is Not, A Priority At All, Acceptable Death And
  • Disposable Populations Prove That Industrial And Technological 
  • Advances Have Had Little To Do With Human Progress, 
  • And That People Who Have Lived In Human Cultures 
  • And Communities Around The World That Had Healthy 
  • Relationships With Humanity And The Planet Have Long 
  • Been Targets Of Those Whose Diminished 
  • Level Of Personal Humanity Have Continued To 
  • Accomodate An Anti-Human/Anti-Planet Mentality...

While Tree-Man Flourished Having 
Been A Reacher And Climber
We Would Become Stronger 
Faster, Taller, Smarter...

And Eventually Lead Our Species 
Into The Human World,
Because Tree-Man Realized 
That There Was Nothing We 
Couldn''t Deal With, Overcome,
 Or Eliminate, We Grew With 
Aspirations, Hopes And Dreams, 

Lair-Man Cold Only Tell Fantastic 
Stories Because His World Wasn't 
Worth Talking About, A Vicious, 
Bloody World That Dealt Death  
At Every Turn... 

And While Tree Humans Lived In  Relatively Similar Worlds, 
The Ability To Get Above it All, Observe And Attack Spatially, 

Lair-Brain Blitzed, Tree Brain Surrounded And Eliminated... 
No Survivors... Tree Brain Was A Pack Hunter, 

The Indviduality Of The Den And Lair Prevented Lair-Brain 
From Forming productive Hunting parties That Could Target 
And Harvest The Best Meat From Any Other Species... 
Lair-Brain Relegated Half Of His Best Hunters And Warriors 
To The Back Of The Cave Because Females Would Atrract 
Carnivores Of All Shapes And Sizes Survived, Barely, On 
Straggler Meat Picked Off Of The Back Of The Herds That 
Were Targetted, Good For The Herds, Bad For Cave-Brain 

All Over the Planet We Have Historical Evidence 
That Many Lair-To Cave Commmunities Did Not 
Survive, Petra, The Anisazi, Etc.,

Those Cave Communities That Survive Today Are At War, 
And Have Always Been Under Attack From Invaders, 
And So Must Live In Incredibly Hierarchical Societies, 

  • The Most Vicious Having
  • Historically Dictated 
  • Activites And Thinking, 
  • Orchestrating Marriages, 
  • Attacking Different Thinking, 
  • Assigned Roles To The Young, 
  • Regardless Of Abilities And Talents



Thursday, 5 January 2012

From The Water, Through The Mud, To The Dirt
(Pics Of Aconstega, Turtles Lizards)
Amphibious With Lungs And Gills
We Had Elbowed Pectoral Fins
Equipped With Fingers;
We Were Asexual,
Each Of Us Spewing
Thousands Of Eggs
Maybe Even Every Day;
Our Bones Were Weak
So At First We Had To Hurry
Back To The Water
Before Our Body Weight
Crushed Our Lungs,
Passing Our Buddies’ Bodies
That Littered Beaches
All Over Earth;
Our Sight Was Blurry,
We Had No Sense Of Smell,
Our Hearing Worked Well Enough,
Eventually Helping Us Detect
Sounds Made By Predators;
We Became Sensitibve To Touch
As Our Shells Eventually
Dissipated Into Fur;
We Were Multitudinous’
Massive Packs Of Billions
We Fed Everything,
Though We Could Dig Burrows
To Escape Lions, Wolves,
Snakes, Birds Of Prey;
Many of Us Starved To Death
At The Back Of The Pack,
Eventually Scattering
Into Smaller And Smaller Groups
Around The World;
Always Eating,
Always Hungry,
Our Muddy Little Burrows
Became Communities,
As We Grew
Our Homes Became
Dens Of Dirt...
Our Life Span 
Was Very Short...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

7,000,000,000 Barometers

If I Determine
That Only A 
Small Percentage 
Of The Human 
Of  Planet Earth 

Is Worthy Of Enough
Oxygen, Gravity, 
Food, Healing, 
And Information 
To Live Healthy Lives...

Though I Am  Born 
With The Capacity 
To Nurture And 
Elevate The Lives 
Of All Humans...

Whether There Are 
As Many Now As 
On The Day That I 
Was Born Or That 
Number Has Increased 
As Time Trudges On...

If I Cannot Only 
Promote The Lives 
Of A Few Of The 

Then I'm Missing 
Out On The Full 
Range Of The 
Courage, Honor, 

That Constituted 
The Humanity
That I Was Born With...
That Made Me 
A Human Child...

The Only Way 
For Me To 

After A Life 
Of Animality, 
Of Separating 
And Segregating 
Our Species, 

Of Bullying 
Onto Other Humans
As A Part Of My 

Though These Acts
Leave Me Unfulfilled,
Confused And Disoriented
While Drowning In Turmoil, 

When I Go Back 
To The Child I Was Born...
I Can Easily Find 
The Correct Trail Head
And Embrace 
My Own Humanity,
And All Of The Assets 
Gifted To Humans,
Yet Unavailable 
To Me For Almost
All Of My Life 
On Earth So Far...

From Muddy Burrows To Dirty Dens

Muddy Burrows
To Dirty Dens...
Small Burrowers
And Martin/Fisher
Furry, Not Shelled;
No Longer Fish, So
No Longer Asexual;
Short Gestation Produced
Massive Broods;
Lived And Travelled
In Herd-Like Packs,
The Front of The Pack
Was Forced Over Cliffs,
And Into Homes
Of Predators;
Back Of The Pack
Made Up Of The
Injured And Sick,
Slow And Constantly
Under Attack,
But Produced
In The Mud
We Lived In Hordes,
Swarms, Infestations...
Safety In Numbers
Always Under Attack
So Burrowed To Escape;
Regional Populations
Begin To Flourish,
Ever-Growing, And So
Voracious, Insatiable,
And So Kept Breaking Up
Into Smaller Communities,
Eventually Establishing
Den Communities
All Over The Planet...
Single Occupancy Dens,
We Practiced “Free Love”
Babies Lived With Females Only,
We Were Omniverous,
Tending Towards Carnivorous,
And We Were Cannibalistic,
We Were Becoming Vicious,
Territorial, And Deadly,
We Could Hunt In Packs
And Cannibalize Each Other;
We Hated Being Touched
With Claws, Teeth,
Talons, And Beaks;
Safety In Greater Numbers,
But Litters Getting Smaller
And Smaller, While Gestation
Getting Longer And Longer,
Soon Concern For
Family Survival Will Kick In,
Until Then We Would Eat
The Runts When Prey Gets Scarce;
Invasion Of Den Community
Began At Outskirts So Survivors
Would Converge On Central Dens
Then Fight Back Of Flee Up Trees;
If Caught In Our Dens
Invaders Sit On Us
While Eating Our Families,
Used Our Bones To Pick Their Teeth...
Had To Fight To The Death,
Constantly Warring With Vicious Invaders
If We Could Not Escape Into The Forest,
If There Were No Trees Around,
We Went From Den To Lair To Cave,
Only Moving When We Figured Out
Why Our Heads Were Always Aching;

Friday, 25 November 2011

Humans Won't Hurt Humans

We're Not There Yet...

As Long As Children Are Starving, 

We Cannot Claim To Be A HUMAN Species; 

As Long As People Invade,

Murder, Rape, And Plunder,
We Still Live In Cultures

That Accomodates Animality;

As Long As People Steal From Seniors,
The Wounded, TheSick... We Still Have
A Form Of Cannibalism In The 21st Century;

As Long As Cultures Around The World Force Parents To Generationally
De-Humanize Our Children With Lies About Our True History, We Cannot
Say That We Live In A HUMAN WORLD;

As Long As The Word ANIMAL Is Used To
Describe The Actions Of Some People On
The Television News...

As Long As A Strain Of Animality Is Acceptable
In Our Cultures And Societies...

As Long As Any One Is Bullied,

Abducted, Enslaved, Murdered...

We Are Still Lacking The Humanity
To Take The Next Step In Human History,


Humans Won’t Hurt Humans,        
Humans Won’t Attack Human,

Humans Won’t Abuse Humans,
Humans Won’t OWN Humans;

Humans Won’t Denigrate, Manipulate, 
Debase, Demean, or Degrade Humans;

Humans Won’t Assault Humans,
Humans Won’t Ambush Humans,
Humans Won’t Rape Anything;

Humans Won’t Prey On Humans,
Humans Won’t Feed On Humans,
Humans Won’t Feed Off of Humans,
Cuz Humans Aren’t Cannibals Anymore,
Still Parasitic Though,

Humans Won’t Lie To Humans,
Humans won’t Seek Alpha-status Over Humans,     
Humans Won’t “Own” Humans,
Humans Won’t Be Doormats For Alpha-seekers,      
Humans Won't "Class"ify  Humans,  
Humans Won’t Brainwash Humans,
Won’t Program Children To Deny Humanity,                   
Won’t Lie to Themselves;

Humans Won’t Practice Homicide,

Or Genocide, Or Suicide;

Humans Won’t Orchestrate Famine

Endeavor To Start Wars,
Or Seek To Render A Population Unhealthy, Then Feed Off Of Healing;

Humans Will Stand Up For Humanity,            
The Young,
The Old,
The Addled,
The Injured;

Human Effort And Sacrifice,

It’ll Be A Part Of Our Nature 
To Protect The Defenseless,
And Against Our Nature
To Ignore The Plight of Other Humans;

Our Humanity is the Source
Of Our Awareness,

And So Our Conscience
Will Nurture Our Empathy,
And So We Are Human.

Humans Will Live In the Truth,

Because Humanity Is the Source
Of Our Honor;
So We Won’t Honor
The Dishonorable or
Nurture the Cowardice of the Animal
Greed, Corruption, Violence, and Hate;                                                                                    
Humans Will Be Brave, 
Humanity Is Nothing Without Courage, 
And Standing up For Humanity Is The Most Profound Sacrifice,

HUMANS WON’T Deny Others Their Humanity,
Humans Won’t Separate Themselves From The Species;

Humans Won’t Segregate Their Children From The Species;

Humans Won’t Confine Themselves To 
Ancestral Special Interest Groups,
Humanity Is The Courage To
Deny The Separators And Segregators,
And Embrace The Human Family
Of The Seven Billion;

Every Child Born Is More
Human than the Last,
So Every Child Born
Has More Humanity
Than The Last,
More Awareness,
More Compassion,
More Courage,
More Honor,
More Love,
More Capacity For
The Power Of Peace;

Every Child Born
Has More Resistance 
To Programming,
To Conditioning,
To Brainwashing,
To Bullshit;

Humans Won’t Be Arbitrary,
Won’t Be Shifty, Sketchy, Or Suspect.
Humans Won’t Hedge On The Truth,
Won’t Defend Inhumanity;

Humans Won’t Bully Because 
Hierarchies Are For Animals,
And Only Insects Will Have Queens,

Our Honor Won’t Accommodate
The Class, Caste, Status, Roles,
That Animals Need to Survive.

Elevating The Lives
Of All People Will Be
The Priority In All Of Our Lives... 

When We Finally Live In A World Where 
Our Primary Concern Is The Welfare Of 
Our Neighbors,We Will See That We Have 
Nothing To Worry About Because Some 
Of The Seven Billion (If It Were Today) 
Will Be Watching Out For Us.

The Fascism Bandwagon

How Can You Tell That Fascism
Is The Bandwagon
Of The Bereft...

Of Those of Us Lacking
In Personal Power
Derived From Our...

That Which We
Were All Born With...

Analyze Religious
Cultures That Support
Around The World

And See How
A Cowed Population,
A Collection Of Humans,
Deficient In Self-Esteem,

Programmed To 'Believe'
That Those We've Deemed
More Fortunate
Than Ourselves,

Ought To Know  
What Is Good For Us
Better Than We
Ourselves Know...

Ultimately Support
Our De-Humanizers,
Protect, Nurture,
Coddle, Submit To...

But If That Element
Of The Population
Is Generationally
To A Greater Extent
Than The Population...

Rendered Horribly
In Seeing Things
From A Humane
Point Of View...

To Violate
The Planet's
At The Expanse
Of All Of Us...

Brainwashed To "Believe"
That Because Of Heinous
Crimes Against Humanity
Perpetrated By Their Ancestors...
Invaders, Conquerors, Rapists, Murderers...
Essentially History's Greatest Cowards...

That That Element
Must Continue To Hold Sway...
To Influence The Population
And The Species...
In An Ever Humanizing World...

From Wars Of Independence
To Today's "Occupy" Movement,
The Advent Of Unions
To Campaigning For
Minimum-Wage Laws...

The Correcting Of History
And The Rise Of the Human
Threaten Our Established
Systems Of Government,

And This Is Very Scary
For The Most De-humanized,
The Tendrils in Every Pie
Cadres And Compacts,

Corporations And Entire Industries
Will Pass Into History
And The Dark Ages Will
Finally Fade Into History,

And Animal Acts Against Humans
Will Become A Memory That We
Can Never Be Allowed To Forget... 

It Could Even Happen This Year...